BVI catamaran charters: discover the world of all-inclusive

There’s something remarkably satisfying about getting great value for money for a wonderful experience. Exciting experience don't come much more thrilling than a crewed charter in the BVI! In comparison with the islands' multiple 5 star resorts, you’ll wonder how you’re getting away with the prices of our crewed catamarans!

The All Inclusive Dream

The biggest treat that comes with chartering a crewed vessel in the BVI is that everything is included! Gourmet breakfasts, delicious lunches and delightful dinners are served up by your talented crew on a daily basis at no extra cost – with gaps between meals filled up with delicious snacks and your favourite drinks. Don't forget sundowner cocktails and your nightcap! 

Extraordinary Excursions

Trips to the Baths and other island hotspots around the BVI will quickly add up and you will have to share your experiences with everyone else. Why would you want to do that?! Head down to Anegada to sample the world famous lobster or dive the wreck of the Rhone with your family and friends – the British Virgin Islands really have everything you could ever want. 

Non-Stop Water Sports

Pump some action into your charter with amazing water toys. From paddle boards to wakeboards, sea bobs and snorkelling equipment, you have something for everyone. Don't forget, they're all included in the price so make the most of them!

A 3 cabin Lagoon 500 crewed catamaran costs around $18,500, including your food, drink, toys, excursions and unparalleled service, while the price of two rooms in a five star resort, plus the same amount of activities, can easily be in excess of $24,000. You’ve got yourself a deal!