BVI post Irma - Ready for you now!


We are constantly asked by charterers - is it ok to go back to the BVI yet?  The quick answer is YES!  The longer explanation requires a few more paragraphs - read below.

As background, the world watched a year ago as the most powerful hurricane ever measured in the Atlantic made a direct hit on Virgin Gorda and Tortola.  Nearly every leaf was ripped off of every tree in the BVI and virtually every building sustained significant damage.  But the BVI residents are a hardy bunch, and began a feverish rebuilding program as soon as power was restored on the islands.  By Christmas 2018, most charter companies were running again, fleets were rebuilt or reordered, and all essential services had been restored.  While all the resorts remained closed, most beach restaurants and bars had reopened, so charterers began to trickle back. By Easter, business was quickly returning.

As of August 2018, the islands, while still rebuilding and regrowing, are ready and eager to greet your party with all of the activities and attractions that the BVI has always been famous for.  Everything underwater, of course, is just the same, as are the famous Baths.  Nearly all restaurants and bars are fully functional - here is a good list of what's open and not in the BVI after Irma.  The sailors are returning, but it's still less crowded than before, and many of the annoying day drinking cruises to Jost Van Dyke have been severely curtailed.  Simply put, it's paradise again!

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BVI catamaran charters: discover the world of all-inclusive

BVI catamaran charters: discover the world of all-inclusive

A 3 cabin Lagoon 500 crewed catamaran charters for around $18,500, including your food, drink, toys, excursions and unparalleled service, while the price of two rooms in a five star resort, plus the same amount of activities, can easily be in excess of $24,000. You’ve got yourself a deal!