The Newest BVI Yacht Charter Watersports

The waters surrounding the BVI are ideal for swimming, snorkelling and diving. What do you do if you want to try something a little out of the ordinary on your next BVI yacht charter? If you enjoy paddle boarding, parasailing and discovering the local marine life, these three activities will take your experiences to the next level! 

Paddle Board Yoga with  TRANQUILITY

Paddle Board Yoga with TRANQUILITY

Successful Paddle Boarding is all about balance, concentration and core strength. Paddle Board Yoga combines these important attributes with stretching and a full body workout - what could be better? Enjoy yoga sessions each morning and a healthy breakfast on TRANQUILITY before exploring the highlights of Virgin Gorda. 

SeaBobbing on  MAVERICK

SeaBobbing on MAVERICK

Snorkelling is enjoyable for every age group in your family. For something a little bit more exciting, try SeaBobbing on your next yacht charter BVI! Set the agreed depths on the SeaBob and whizz along your chosen BVI bay, taking in the scenery above and below the surface. Head to Anegada for unparalleled beauty and Instagram photo opportunities. 

Halyard Flying on  LADY KATLO

Halyard Flying on LADY KATLO

Gone are the days of parasailing - it's time to embrace Halyard Flying! By connecting you and your safety harness to the spinnaker on one side and the tender on the other, you can enjoy spectacular vistas as you're catapulted into the cerulean BVI waters below. There is no better choice to enjoy this exhilarating activity than onboard LADY KATLO.

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