Consistent winds, gorgeous islands, a mixture of deserted beaches, 5-star hotels, shipwrecks, beach party towns and a charm that perfectly fits sailing: welcome to catamaran Mecca. There are four main islands in the BVI: Tortola, Anegada, Jost Van Dyke and Virgin Gorda. Most of the other 30 odd islets are uninhabited!  

The BVI have four main key islands. Let's learn a little bit about each... 


Start your luxury yacht charter in Tortola, the largest of the 36 islands. Despite the archipelago being wholly serene, the main marina in Tortola is usually bustling with life and excitement as it is the gateway to your idyllic holiday.  

Find peace in the rustic charm of Road Town, the BVI capital — with no tall buildings in sight, white-sand beaches and a lush rainforest framing the entire vista in a soothing deep green. Did you know? The name Tortola comes from the Spanish word for turtledove; Columbus spotted these pigeons when he first came ashore. 


Your private catamaran will take you to the other islands in unrivalled style and comfort. Explore the “Virgin Gorda,” that rises steeply from the sea due to its volcanic peak.

This island is renown for its beaches, villas, resorts and "the Baths,” a key attraction in the BVI (but more about that later!) We definitely recommend you dock at the port and spend some time at the Costa Smeralda Yacht Club overlooking the North Sound of the Virgin Gorda.

Recently built, this exclusive venue boasts an infinity pool, fine Italian and Caribbean dining complemented by truly breath-taking views and impeccable service. 


The smallest of the four main islands, with under 300 inhabitants, this little paradise is synonymous with pristine beaches and a day-time party culture. Find a natural jacuzzi on the East End, or go and observe whales and dolphins out at sea.

The Great Harbour is also reputed throughout the world for its yacht-filled parties during the holidays, especially Halloween and New Year’s Eve.



Anegada is a truly unique island due to its landscapes and exotic laid-back vibe. The island has a history of shipwrecks on the reefs and offers wildlife including turtles, pelicans, the endangered Anegada iguana and flamingoes.  

Despite being the second largest, it is also the most sparsely populated. Its extremely flat, almost 'out-of-this-world' appearance boasts wide sprawling white-sand beaches fringed by classic BVI tropics. Boasting exciting snorkelling and diving, world-famous restaurants, Anegada is home to the best lobster around.